here you can see a video and hear a sample of one of the new songs. This is the biggest of the album
and it has many changes inside of it. Remember that this is a sample before the mixing progress.

Except that, you can see a video from flute recordings. A very special guest and great musician Petros Papas has played all the flute parts inside the album and the final sound of the flute inside the songs is really beautiful. We wish to have him with us and for next albums-future recordings ;)

At last, the recordings are over (if we will not find something more to put inside or to change ;) and the mixing process will start at August.

Some things have change for the best inside the band at the last two months and at the same time we will announce and a special guest at the near future. Check the site always for news.

Epic regards,
Marios Christakis



It has been three months since the last time that we put up news about the album but we have been working all this time on it.

All the instrumental recordings are done, yesterday the last guitar solos were recorded and at the end of the month we will finish all vocal parts for the last songs. The mixing process will start inside of June and it will take a lot of time together with the mastering of the songs. We want to be careful for the final result.

The orchestra parts are ready for the songs and there are a lot of sounds and they are very rich. Now the anticipation for the album is greater than ever but we have to keep cool to avoid mistakes.

The artwork for the album is ready but we will put it online when the album will be ready and not before that. Once again it is done by Dimitar Nikolov.

And some words about the lyrics: all the songs have more fantasy based lyrics like sword and sorcery themes and some others have more straight-epic lyrics about the feelings before and during battle. All the songs have something that connects them to give a united theme to the album and there is a little concept behind them but not like a concept based album. There is just a little connection behind the lyrics that when someone reads them and follows the line of the songs, he can discover the story that lies in them.

(The album is dedicated to the internal (and not only) war of each one against his personal fears, like evil enemies and their attacks against heroes and innocent people, for the will that everyone has to have to defeat the biggest fears and enemies of every substance.)

This is for now information about the lyrics. We will put news up as soon as possible about the next chapter of the albumís progress.

Check out the little video to get a little taste of one of the songs and see a little of the guitar practice for the recordings.

Stay epic,
Marios Christakis



Here is some news from the studio and the band.
BRAVERIDE has a new singer!

After the first vocal recordings and because of what the new songs demand the thought about a singer has become a permanent idea. So, after a suggestion and some rehearsals the decision was made. Alexis (Alex) Koromilas is the new singer of BRAVERIDE.

It was not an easy decision to take but the color and the strange clean sound of Alexís voice with itís epic touch, fits in perfectly with braverideís music and the results are really great. Marios voice will be heard in the songs as back up vocals and in choirs.

Now 60 % of the album is ready. In the next two months the recordings will be finished and the mix process will start. If all things go right the album will be ready in the summer.

In the gallery you can see two new photos of Alex, one in action through a recording session and one after the recording.


Some news about the progress of the new album.

The album is 40% finished. The recordings for 6 songs are done and we have started the vocal recordings. Of course it is a long road till the end because of many things to get recorded and the final mixing process will take much time finish.

For now there are two new photos, one with Karolos Vigato the keyboard player, and the other with Michael Adamopoulos the second producer of the album from the Warcry studio and finally a small video showing Michael trying to find a second guitar solo as a guest part.

You can always write your comments in our guestbook and send an e-mail if you want.

Heavy regards,
Marios Christakis


Hi again.

Studio sessions are progressing as I have scheduled. Drums, keyboards and orchestrations are finished for five songs. Rhythm guitars, solo parts and bass are ready for two songs and at the same time we are working on the next songs. We work in a strange way and song by song because of some situations but it is the best and fastest way to finish this record and to achieve the best result. Anyway, you can see two new pictures. Besides me you can see Vasilis Liakos who is one of the co-producers of the album and he plays some bass parts in the songs (the most difficult ;-)

More news in the next weeks.


It is now time to put up some news I think.

It has been a long time since the site went online and the first news of the band got onto the internet. Some problems corrupted my plans for the recording of the new album. Session members change because of the distance between us and different life responsibilities. Of course, I have a great relationship with the past members because we are really good friends with all of them and maybe they shall appear as guests in the new album.

Now I can speak about my collaboration with keyboard player Karolos Vigato. Karolos is a great musician and he honestly loves my project and he is something more than a session member now. We worked really hard on the keyboard parts and on the orchestrations as well, he put his talent in the songs and the final result is very beautiful. I have finished composing ten new songs for the new album and we are working on all the details to achieve the best result before we record the last ideas in the studio.

The studio that we work in now is in Larisa, a city in Greece (Warcry studios) and I have recorded the rhythm guitars and bass for two songs until now.

I donít want to forget Dimitar Nikolov -, who is preparing the cover artwork with his unique drawing style.
By the way, by the end of the month I shall put some photos from my new custom guitar model made by Cristophe Capelli -

Now you can see only two photos from the bass recording session. New photos will be available soon.
Stay in touch, the journey has begunÖ

Best regards
Marios Christakis


BRAVERIDE official site has open.

You can allways find a new information about the band here and on page.

Also you can leave your coments or questions in the guestbook and on page or you can contact the band via email form!


BRAVERIDE needs drummer.

If you are intrested send me a message here!


Braveride is Greek epic metal band personal project of Marios Christakis, who plays the guitar and vocals. So far the band has one self-released album and two cd singles and now the first recordings for the upcoming album has started. more info here...
Anyone who wants to buy the CD album "Heroic Deeds" and the CD single "Time to March" send an e-mail for farther information.
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