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2010 Braveride - "Rise Of The Dragonrider" - A place of shadows - 9.83 MB
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2007 Braveride - "Time To March" - Time To March - 1.64 MB
2006 Braveride - "World Of Fire" - Heroic deeds - 2.25 MB
2006 Braveride - "Breath Of Wisdom" - Heroic deeds - 872 KB
2005 Braveride - "Death On The Sea" - Death On The Sea - 2.20 MB


Time To March
(cd single 2007)
Time to March

On these fields I have spilled my blood
for the things that I believe with trust
I fulfilled my task and I have healed all my scars

You have healed, all your scars

Through this war I start to divide
the true friends from enemies
who wait and prepare their moves
and like snakes they shall crawl

Like the snakes they shall crawl, they shall move,
there is no time to loose

Now itís time to march on, to defeat the dragon
Inner fight with ourselves and to rise again

Rise again, dominate

Now itís time to march on, to defeat this warlord
and reach our end

Now the kings needs the help of dwarves
for defending our lands with us,
as we did in past an alliance borned from dust

Alliance borned from dust

Elves arrived we are ready to strike
when the forces came unite our shields have to be shining bright
and reflecting our pride

Reflecting our pride, our might, let it be our guide

Power and glory pounds in our hearts
fire is burning and always survive
a vision of light, a torrent of thoughts
soon will take shape into this war

Heroic deeds
(cd album 2006)
To warÖ

Come and make a hell in this unholy night
bear your sword and come with me into this fight
you know that will not find peace
and for our brothers we must kill

Paint with colours of this war your face
grab a thunderhammer in your hands
do a thunderstrike on their heads
and kill them all send them to rest

ďWeíll tell our stories round the fire
drinking wine and smoking the pipe
all it seems like a dream
a losing visions of reality

But we will have to spill our blood
for all these valleys we must fight
our families have to be saved
you are a braveheart donít be scared
this glory ride make you prood
the honor should fill all of your heart

force of good give him the pride, of this war
help him to destroy this awhfull troll
prepare yourself to be hero
with your holy steel you ask for more

watching this battlefield, you feel so strange
pain and glory for you, are the same
you know that we fight for something pure
your world is free, you find the truth

World Of Fire

Fire fiercely burns in the sky
the evil creatures rise again
from the mountain caves
they strike a blow
upon these castle walls and sing
deadly rhymes for their lord

The hordes are moving
the ground trembles as they march
they teach their warcraft
but as I see
this shall not ends in tragedy
there is final hope

Just a last stand before the storm

Save your souls, freedom calls
in this world of fire

Wizards cast their spells for defense
but nothing seems to change with them
their fury is to no avail
and our allies struggle against
the newborn crown
that has come from another world

Misty clouds are gathering
above our heads
we are close to our end
but this time
this shall not ends in tragedy
there is a final hope

Just a last stand before the storm

Lord save us
from this madness
lord save us
we beg for a last stand
before the storm

Heroic Deeds

Ride through the darkest woods
you are a knight, ready to strike, into this fight
donít fear the wolves, they are your tools
like the wind you run through the fields of enemyís districts
Just take your blade, your only friend, it gives you strength
do heroic deeds, save innocents

Story for books of mythology
is this your life, this is your curse
written on your lance, with fire and blood
tears falling down from your eyes, cold crystals reaping your heart
sorrow has come, have to get up, breaking apart
no you can not, leave us alone

You can resist, you can survive,
you are the best of your kind
you can defeat, you can revive,
from all the demons inside

I know you as hero an undying man
gifts you have taken from kings and honor as well

Fight like immortal man
never give up, die for your land, this is your plan
mix your blood with sand, a deadly calm
dragon fly, the beast is alive pass through the other side
this is a sign, isnít a lie, trembling your mind
moonlight is your guide, to cross the line

Die with your sword in hand
this is your dream, lost in your realm want to be free
to find peace is hard, for this I sing,
freedomís light is burning inside it was so easy to find
to the abyss, up to these hills, so many tricks
no one on your side, you are divide

Somewhere you will find death or life
and somewhere you shall give faith
somewhere you will find life or death
and somewhere you shall give pain
the heroes are all alone in their deeds
for their stories the minstrels sing
and the fairies crying

I Will Return

My only loving wife
and my beautiful sons, I have to go
until the end of night
before the morning comes, I must throw my thoughts
War has started out there
our soldiers are attacked, they call for my axe

I will return
I must obey

I can not deny the calling of my lord
I am just a pawn in this battlelore
and If I feel pain for those that left behind
sometimes it is better to be blind

My wonderful home
and my never dying earth, I have to go
woman come here to kiss you
I wish not to be the last, I canít without you
please, give me my shield
say a prayer for me priest, fill with hope my heart

Our Fathers Legacy

Our race decline, our dreams fading
and we disgrace our fathers legacy

Through these years that peace is growing
noone knew that faith is going
they break their laws and forget their oaths
they have been like hypnotized
with their hearts as cold as ice
trying to find beauty in the misery

The rage possessing their thoughts
and hold them in the back of their mind
I cry for our fathers might
to be our only light in these ages of darkness
to open our eyes, to learn from their mistakes

Would you join us, would you fight with us,
will you follow us and be one of us
a soldier for your king
would you join us, would you fight with us,
will you follow us and be one of us,
we disgrace our fathers legacy

As our land is changing, is our duty to react
and make betrayers to go away
and as our fathers did is our turn to defeat
the greed that flowing in our blood
and finally reach the sun

We take salvation from itís warmth
and strength to build new kingdom
on the ruins of our sins
history, will remember us
agony, will fade from our guts

Sons, we are watching you
our spirits never left you

The Last Dawn

I look of these mountains
the beauty touches my spirit
I smell the flowers
and I hear the sound of the rivers

I pray to God for my life and for my sins
that I have mad in this war, I lost my soul
everything that I want is in my heart
this is my last dawn, itís time to go

Iíll give my sword to my brother
my body to earth and my soul to the sky

Green valleys of my land and cold waters
give me a last song
I canít fight any more in this tiring war
I was not so meek but I helped many poor
this is my expiation
I am not as bad as I could been

Death on the sea
(cd single 2005)
Death On The Sea

On our ships weíll die, fight for our land
into this storm all it seems sad
for the strangers but not for us
our blood burning inside our veins

Sail, straight ahead to these shores
Die, donít afraid for your souls
Scream, battlecry in the wind
Kill, clear all of this filth

This is our destiny
we renowned through the seas
this is our destiny
this is the death on the sea
show no pity for the killers
we just give the death on the sea

From our ashes borned our freedom
we will be free, the time has come
noone canít stop us, no enemy
we raise our swords, for life we seek

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